Simple, Powerful Coaching
That’s Proven to Work

A different approach to coaching that unlocks potential and improves focus while creating measurable value to your organization.

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Redefine What You Think About Coaching

Our approach to coaching is simple, easy to understand, and applicable in all aspects of life. Complex concepts are much more difficult to turn into daily habits, so our programs are rooted in proven methods built upon simple fundamentals. We know how to unlock your potential and improve individual and team performance, while yielding measurable results.

Our Mission is to Unleash Talent Through Coaching

InsideOut empowers people to coach instead of just training them to coach, an approach based on principles developed by founder and New York Times Best Selling Author, Alan Fine.
Check out Alan discussing  "Unlocking the Power to Think Freely":

Coaching isn’t just a thing we do we do, it’s the WAY we do things.
- Alan Fine, Co-Founder of the GROW Model

Coaching Culture: Drive Outstanding Results

Unlock the Potential of Your Team With a Transformative Coaching Culture

A coaching culture is when coaching becomes the way people do things instead of a thing that people do.  

Impactful coaching has clear goals, psychological safety, and commitment to action, leading to conversations that are caring, candid, and constructive. 

When people are coaching, the result is increased focus, trust, and accountability.


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The Invention and Innovation of the GROW Model

The origins of GROW date back nearly 40 years to when Alan Fine co-created the GROW Model. Standing the test of time, the core fundamentals are just as applicable today as it did back then.

Since that time, the world has made significant advancements in technology, learning options, and the creation of new roles, and we continue to develop enhanced solutions to help all levels of an organization succeed.

Creating the
GROW Model

How the GROW model was first created

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with GROW

How the application of GROW has changed

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Pick Your Learning Journey

Everyone has the capacity to learn and perform at a higher level.  Our solutions are designed to help all individuals unlock potential, develop the power of focus, and execute at a higher level.

Whether you're in a leadership role or on the front lines, we have nearly 40 years of developing specific programs to help you reach your individual, team, and company goals. Our customers have found success following this sample journey.

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Ready to

Prepare your team to be coaching-ready with fundamentals.


Improve coaches’ individual decision making and performance.

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Deliver targeted results with frequent, effective coaching.


Reinforce workshop principles and grow your coaching muscle.


Master your skills in this action-and-feedback course.

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Custom 1:1 coaching for senior leaders to accelerate performance.

Business Impact

Leadership consulting to help you create a culture of coaching.


Participate in Alan Fine's Groundbreaking approach 

Learning Formats to Fit Your Life

Live Online

Led by professionally trained facilitators with a variety of learning options.

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Digital on Demand

Learn at your own pace while experiencing all the benefits of GROW®.

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Traditional Classroom

In-person coaching led by one of our professionally trained facilitators.

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Feedback From Our Clients

"I have been passionate about InsideOut since first being introduced to it in 2005. The model is simple, straight forward, and relevant. The application of the GROW model sticks."
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Learning and Organizational Consultant

Kaiser Permanente

"InsideOut Coaching is an easy, effective system to use, and from a facilitator's standpoint it is expertly put together to deliver a very powerful 8-hour session."
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Corporate Leadership Trainer

Andersen Corporation

"The InsideOut coaching model works for everyone by providing structure for coaching conversations."
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EVP Strategy, Employee and Organization Development, CLO

1st Franklin Financial Corporation

"InsideOut Coaching has been very helpful in changing the culture in our organization."
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Training and Development Director

NCCI Holdings, Inc

Coaching Matters, and We Can Prove It

Sometimes it is difficult for an organization to determine the impact of coaching. We will work with you to define goals and align on metrics that help achieve business results.

Some of the high value business outcomes we frequently see, include:


Accelerated Productivity


Improved Customer Satisfaction


Increased Internal Promotion Rates


Higher Employee Retention

Ready to Learn More?

Our team of experts will contact you to better understand your goals, answer any questions you may have and provide an overview of our portfolio of solutions to better assess how we can help.