GROW® - A Model for Achieving Breakthrough Performance

Nearly 40 years ago, our Founder, Alan Fine, helped develop the GROW® model, which set the standard establishing a simple process for coaching, goal setting, and implementation.

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Everyone Has the Potential to Be Great

Most coaching solutions are based on the idea that more knowledge equates to better results. But if all we needed was more knowledge, wouldn’t we all be wildly successful?

The challenge is not knowing what to do — it’s doing what we know. We believe everyone has the capacity to learn and perform at a higher level. This idea, known as the InsideOut Mindset, forms the foundation of our coaching program.

Using the GROW® Model to Create a Common Language

Whether coaching a small team or a global organization, cultural differences can be effectively embraced when using a model like GROW with a common approach and a shared language to connect.

A New Framework for Coaching

Performance Wheel

Basically, the GROW Model is a map of human decision making. It provides a simple way to create Focus, reduce interference, and improve performance in any area of life. The vital roles of Faith, Fire, and Knowledge as well as Focus in top performance place that performance wheel at the very center of the GROW process.

Making an effective decision and creating an action plan to get us where we need to go goes through four phases: Goal, or what do we want to do, Reality or the circumstances we’re dealing with (or how we perceive them), Options of how we might move from our Reality to our Goal and Way Forward or the action we want to take. The GROW model structures a coaching conversation to cover each of those topics.


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Fine developed the Performance Wheel—the components needed for organizations to achieve their goals. The components are Knowledge, Focus, Faith, and Fire. Without all four of these elements, breakthrough performance can’t be achieved.

When one or more elements are missing, that’s when the GROW Model is implemented. Following the steps to define their Goal, Reality, Options, and Way Forward, organizations can rediscover their Focus, Faith, and Fire or add Knowledge.

Innovative GROWth for the Future

In the nearly four decades since its inception, Alan Fine and InsideOut Development have continued to be at the forefront of executive and leadership coaching, working with some of the largest organizations around the world, including Oracle, Peterbilt, UnitedHealthcare, 3M, the American Red Cross, the USFDA, Kraft, Levi’s, and Kaiser Permanente. Explore the newest innovations with GROW or learn more about our coaching programs.


How the GROW Model has continued to innovate new solutions

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The GROW Coaching program begins with effective communication

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Understanding the GROW Coaching® Model

Curious about how GROW and InsideOut Development can help you create a culture of coaching within your organization?

Download our program guide to learn more about the elements of the GROW Model, the features of our coaching program, and resources participants will receive to help them sustain their success.

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Drive Revolutionary Results with InsideOut

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