Meet Alan Fine

Founder of the GROW Model & Author of “You Already Know How to Be Great”

Performance Expert, Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Coaching Pioneer.

Alan Fine stands at the forefront of performance improvement and is the co-creator of the world-renowned GROW Model and is the Founder and President of InsideOut Development. For over three decades, Alan's life has been dedicated to facilitating transformative growth in individuals across all walks of life to elevate their performance and unlock potential, he has worked with many of the world's most respected athletes and organizations.

Inspired by a powerful personal performance breakthrough on the tennis court, Alan has refined and honed his coaching philosophy into a profoundly simple yet highly effective approach to improving individual and team performance.

A New York Times Bestselling Author, keynote speaker, and performance coaching pioneer, Alan has a unique ability to pair his charming Welsh wit with his groundbreaking "inside-out" approach to impact individuals, teams, and organizations around the world. 

Originally from Wales and now making his home in Utah, Alan bring a unique blend of transitional wisdom and fresh insights, inspiring excellence and growth in every aspect of life and work.  

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If knowledge were all it took, we’d all be incredible managers, teachers, parents, and performers. But we’re not. Why? Because the biggest obstacle to great performance is not knowing what to do; it’s doing what we know.

Alan Fine,

Co-Founder of the GROW Model

To Members of the Book Community

Thousands have achieved breakthrough performance through the InsideOut Approach. No matter your industry, job title or responsibility, the InsideOut Approach can help strengthen your Faith, Fire and Focus, overcome interference and accomplish greatness!

The “You Already Know How to Be Great” book community has been around for many years and has provided readers additional examples, exercises and tools to further explore the content in each chapter. Unfortunately, it is time for the book community to close.

Even without the book community, readers can still gain additional insight and personal applications by going through the Reflective Questions at the end of each chapter. I would encourage you to do this and see how you can further apply the InsideOut Approach. I have also included links to our most popular tools from the community. The tools will help you conduct effective performance conversations using the GROW Model. Those conversations can be with yourself, with a co-worker or a team. And of course, you're welcome to follow along on Twitter or LinkedIn as I continue to share insight on the InsideOut Approach, coaching, performance and more.

My best to you on your journey.

Alan Fine

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“You Already Know How to Be Great”, by Alan Fine

  • Presents a revolutionary way of looking at performance "inside-out"
  • Identifies the biggest obstacle to great performance—"interference"—and how to remove it
  • Makes the case that one element makes all the difference in our outcomes: focus
  • Introduces a simple yet powerful focusing tool that can be used immediately and effectively

Few leadership books provide the kind of how-to approach that's needed to build a culture of performance in today’s fast-paced global economy. “You Already Know How To Be Great” does just that in practical terms using a simple, replicable process. Start putting "inside-out" thinking to work today, and begin to create your best performance.

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