GROW Lab: Build Your
Coaching Muscle

Couple GROW Coaching theory with continued application practices results in improved performance and results.

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GROW Lab Performance at a Glance

The workshop uses role plays, activities, experiments, and feedback loops to make GROW Coaching skills more relevant and instinctual, resulting in:





Theory + Application = Performance and Results

GROW Lab enables GROW Coaching graduates to practice the theories they learned in the workshop in a low-risk, comfortable setting. Participants increase their agility, tap into what they know about coaching, and build coaching muscle through experimentation and feedback. The course is organized in a practical way, allowing the most time for the areas where managers struggle most.


GROW Coaching



What to Expect with GROW Lab

Starting with Lab Preparation, participants focus on the conversation compass and four types of coaching conversations. Next, they engage in relevant and applicable scenarios to build their coaching muscle in a low-risk setting. By the final scenario, participants are no longer role-playing; they're really coaching. This immersive approach increases agility, taps into what they know, and builds coaching muscle.

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Offered in a Variety of Learning Formats

Live Online

Led by professionally trained facilitators with a variety of learning options.

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Digital on Demand

Learn at your own pace while experiencing all the benefits of GROW®.

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Traditional Classroom

In-person coaching led by one of our professionally trained facilitators.

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Feedback From Our Clients

"InsideOut Development helps us drive our initiative on transparent and direct feedback."

Learning and Development Manager

Consulting - Professional Services Company

"The content is well designed and delivered and the staff are terrific and natural facilitators and coaches to the field of coaching."

Organizational Development Specialist

Government Organization

"The models stand the test of time are based on empirical research."

Leadership Development Manager

Large Banking Enterprise

Get Ready to Build Your Coaching Muscle


STEP 1: GROW Coaching

Complete the foundational coaching program.


STEP 2: Learning then Doing

Have the desire to develop additional GROW applications.


STEP 3: Get Started

Schedule a consultation to see if GROW Lab is right for you.

Transform your Coaching Potential with GROW Lab

Ready to take your coaching skills to the next level? Gain the confidence, agility, and feedback needed to excel in your coaching conversations. Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your results.