15% Decrease in Turnover: A Sales Management Success Story

Sales Management Turnover Decrease Success Story

“I have always believed that talent management is critical for success. In early 2011, I ‘planted the flag’ and established coaching as a key priority for my leadership team.”

–Vice President, Sales Center and Sales Support Team



• A higher than desired turnover rate in 2010

• New and experienced managers reported a need for more support and to improve their coaching skills in a 2010 year-end survey



• Implemented a multi-faceted plan to support the development of a coaching culture by the end of 2012

• Deployed InsideOut Coaching™ onsite with sales management team, certifying two members of the sales and distribution staff

• Established key action items:

• Coaching Logs: Completed by individual contributor and approved by manager; tracked the initiative with full transparency

• Leadership Coaching Roundtable: Managers met three times a year to discuss feedback and evaluate coaching skills



• Turnover reduced by 15%; decreasing to 11% in 2012

• Employee engagement score increased by 7% among sales managers

• New written premium productivity increased 16% over 2011; control group saw a 14% decrease in new written premium productivity over 2011


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