Omni Cable Corporation Uses GROW Model to Make Important Decisions

Omni Cable Corporation Case Study


This case study of Omni Cable Corporation is based on a December 2019 survey of InsideOut Development customers by TechValidate, a 3rd-party research service.

“InsideOut Development’s coaching model and tools drive key performance metrics for my team.”

“I have used InsideOut Coaching in two organizations and I believe in it. The training is practical and the tools are realistic. We have successfully implemented the mindset in our current organization and use GROW multiple times a day to make big and small decisions.”

“InsideOut Development’s coaching approach and tools are easy to apply.”

“The GROW decision-making model has had the single biggest operational impact for us. We use it for everything.”




The business challenges that led Omni Cable Corporation to evaluate and ultimately select InsideOut Development:

  • Top purchasing drivers for investing in InsideOut Development:
    • More effective coaching by managers and leaders
    • More effective cross-functional communication
    • Better success in building a coaching culture
    • Creating a shared language for performance improvement
    • Implementation of a coaching mindset to drive performance/bench strength/engagement
    • Direct impact to bottom-line business objectives


Use Case

The key features and functionalities of InsideOut Development that Omni Cable Corporation uses:

  • Departments that utilize InsideOut Development methodologies/programs:
    • Sales
    • Accounting
    • Marketing
    • Executive/Leadership Team
    • Distribution Centers
  • How they measure coaching success at their organization:
    • Improved managerial confidence
    • More specific business objectives



Omni Cable Corporation achieved the following results with InsideOut Development:

  • Key benefits realized since working with InsideOut Development:
    • Improved quality of performance management conversations
    • Faster and more accurate decision-making
    • Improved comfort levels among managers and supervisors leading difficult conversations
    • Increased number of meaningful conversations between managers and employees
    • Greater employee ownership of outcomes
    • Increased goal achievement
  • Improvement realized in the following areas since working with InsideOut Development:
    • Employee engagement: 0-25%
    • Retention: 25-50%
    • Specific team performance metrics: 50-75%
    • Internal promotions: 0-25%
    • Manager-employee conversations: more than 75%
  • Realized an impact immediately after implementing InsideOut Coaching.
  • Strongly agree that InsideOut Development is easily adaptable and delivers exceptional customer service to meet their organization’s needs.


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