Give Your Leaders the Tools: Levi's Success Story

Levi Success Story

The Challenges

• In 2012 the CEO issued a challenge to deliver top-and bottom-line growth year over year

• As Levi Strauss & Co. embarked on a company transformation to meet this challenge, it was clear the organization needed a robust leadership development program to reach the growth targets set by the CEO

• Senior leaders needed new skills and knowledge to properly develop and empower their teams


The Solutions

• The Talent Center of Excellence team created Leading for Performance, a development initiative for selected high-performing and high-potential leaders across the globe focused on creating a culture of performance and accountability

• The Talent team also developed Manager Essentials, a global program for people managers focused on strengthening coaching and feedback skills

• InsideOut Coaching™ was integrated into both Leading for Performance and Manager Essentials following a multi-phased deployment strategy


The Results

By integrating InsideOut Coaching into these two performance initiatives, Levi Strauss & Co.:

• Reduced the time leaders spent doing tasks while also giving them tools to lead and coach others

• Increased the number of coaching conversations between managers and employees and began transforming the company culture into one of greater performance and accountability

In 2013, Levi Strauss & Co. achieved its top-and bottom-line growth goals. The company plans to continue to offer these leadership development initiatives in pursuit of building its culture of performance and accountability.


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